The Annual Conferences of TOCICO are not just a unique opportunity to learn by attending the presentations, they are also a very important networking occasion. These conferences enable newcomers to meet experienced TOC practitioners and experts and, for all those that have coming to these conferences regularly over the years, to catch up on news with their friends and contacts.

We will be organizing many different events to facilitate networking:

  • You will of course be able to take advantage of the breaks, the on-site lunch, and the free time at the end of the day to mingle with other participants.
  • There is at the conference centre a bar and restaurant that will be open until 8am to 9pm.
  • Diners will be organized in specific restaurants so that those who wish can get together.
  • Networking get-togethers will be organized at specific times on specific subjects.

So stay tuned for regular updates here and by email on how we are going to ensure that you take full advantage of the networking opportunities in Paris.